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 Welcome to Acuna City's first official visitor's site.


The first official visitors’website for Ciudad Acuña (Acuna City). Complete travel and business guide for Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila. Information on local businesses, attractions, night life and more.

Ciudad Acuna stands out thanks to its hospitality and friendly environment. Perhaps one of the most alive border towns, the City of Acuna offers a wide variety of contrasting attractions. Whether on a business or leisure trip, Acuna will make an impression on you.

Located just across the Rio Grande, it neighbors with the city of Del Rio, in the state of Texas. The first settlement seems to have taken place in 1877, although it was until 1951 when it was given its current title of Acuna City.

Known for its diversity and manufacturing industry, the city has taken a new vitality thanks in part  to the development of new business projects, consequently, Acuna continues to welcome visitors and new settlers alike

With a good service infrastructure, Acuna will cater to the needs of the business or leisure travelers.

Acuna city is known world-wide for its contribution to cinematography, by hosting the filming of successful movies like El Mariachi, Desperado, Like Water for Chocolate, to mention a few. So if you are intrigued by all this facts, and planning a quick weekend getaway to one of the Mexican border towns, give Acuna a shot. You’ll be surprised by how this city combines a kind of eco-tourism with a Southern Texas college-like ambience.


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Drag Racing 1/4 mile in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico


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